Episode # 9 – Kiki w/ Sister Tasha Fierse Kennedy

In this episode, Greggo sits down with his star-studded sister Tasha Fierse Kennedy and the two talk about old Stonewall days, dance addiction, and crazy adventures that only Kennedy siblings could have.

We also went on down to the river and shot some beautiful editorial photos for the podcast because why dafuq not, my sister is beautiful and I thought y’all deserved to watch her EAT THAT. Click on an image and it should blow up larger 😀😀

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve conducted my own photoshoot, but getting back into the groove with my sis was amazing!

I’m gonna keep a lot of the narrative stuff short on this post, since it’s mostly intended to show these pictures but I might add more to it eventually. Either way I hope you guys enjoy our conversation and send some love our way!

Tasha’s instagram is over at https://www.instagram.com/tasha.f.k/

And as always, the show’s links are available here: Linktr.ee/greggonewild/