Episode #8 The Sh!tshow Goes On….

Cover Photo by Nicole Albert

In this episode, Greggo covers what the hell happened last year that created a year-long depression-fueled hiatus for the show, stans Christine and The Queens, gets hella str8 about Formula 1- then reverse Uno’s a gay old time with a “Baketopia” push, the podcast gets its first ad…..sort of.

The Depressing Stuff

Last year, after APD wrongly shot and injured Justin Howell, I had a pretty rough time acclimating to the “new normal” of people being genuinely terrible. Between the pandemic and the toxic discourse surrounding police accountability, I decided that being a hermit was probably the best thing I could do for my mental health…with mixed results. Though I haven’t come to a conclusive answer on how to get over this dissapointment, my spirits have been randomly brought back to life with spring sunshine and the thought of flowers coming back.

Chrisitine and The Queens Standom

Thirteen minutes of cinematic and choreographic beauty tbh, please surrender yourself to the standom.

Christine and The Queens instantly became the French obsession I never knew I neeeded…until I knew I needed it. Hope you guys enjoy it too because their art is BONKERS.


That’s right bitch, this gay fell in love with the vroom vroom show, F1: Drive to Survive on Netflix. Honestly the luxury and beauty of world renowned brands like Mercedes Ferrari and even Redbull is an incredible popculture moment and I’m here as fuck for seeing an energy drink company unseat legacies at racing around a track, it’s just the kind of chaos that I’m intrigued to see. Not to mention the occasional crash and office politics/musical chairs world of racing is a really interesting phenomenon to bear witness to. It also helps that just one look at Carlos Sainz was enough to draw me in and keep me there.

Carlos Sainz Jr, current driver for Ferrari…..need I say more???

Baketopia (Yum)

Literally can’t wait to discuss this soon

As if my current sugar rush from chocolate raspberry cheesecake wasn’t enough, Baketopia on HBO Max has brought another cute addition to competitive baking. I’m throwing this out here for a future discussion so WATCH THE DAMN EPISODE IT’S FREE- plus you’ll need to study how to make some bomb ass cakes because if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we severely underestimated our ability to learn cool new shit in the panini.

Show Updates

  1. We raised $633.32 from the production fundraiser in January, and it’s already led to some cool shit for me to use for the podcast (more reveals to come bbys)
  2. New episodes are going to POSSIBLY come out every wednesday/thursday or possible free day that I’m off in a given week
  3. I love you guys and am so thankful that any of you give a fuck about visiting this hoe or checking any of this out, literally warms my heart

Don’t forget to checkout the show links for more info on our social shit (our insta numbers are GARBAGE right now) WATCH BAKETOPIA SO YOU DON’T FEEL LEFT OUT, and let me know if you get into Christine and the Queens or Formula One.

Love you bbys, hmu whenever the fuck 💋