Episode #2 – DNWDITW!

In our second episode of The Greggo Show: Greggo turns 25, discovers the hydromassage, defeats Facebook, and dodges the draft. We also discuss a recap of the 2020 Ball (hosted by SisterFisters and The House of Lepore), an update is given about The Greggo Show Production Fundraiser, and we also get a hint of who the first guest of the show will be!

Below is the much anticipated teaser of Dragula Season 3, the season in which our very first guest star competed for the title of The World’s Next Drag Super Monster!!

I’ll try to have that interview uploaded next week, but we’ll see how that goes lol. Editing this time around was literally the most brutal project I’ve probably ever done outside of college work. At one point I was awake for 29 hours and spontaneously passed out for a three hour nap, BUT practice makes perfect and we out here af! For future reference, just take “next week” as “next upload” because once I start working more eventually, things will get TOUGH.

Queer Camp Out – SMTX’s Queer Kiki

Queer Camp Out 1/24 – Will be here pretty damn fast on Friday, this party is going to be INSANE so I actually can’t wait! Checkout the event page for details on tickets. And hit me up on Instagram if you’re interested in competing in the runway or dancing categories!

Almost $200 over our initial goal, but like Miley Cyrus in her Bangerz Phase – We Can’t Stop

The Greggo Show Production Fundraiser has raised $663
($163 above our initial goal!)

Further donations will be accepted until the end of January solely due to the fact that this is all uncharted territory, and while things are going great now, history has taught me that typically when it rains, it pours.

An important note: Any and all donations made between now and the end of the month will receive a shout out on episode number four. Until then, donations will be accepted through the Facebook Fundraiser Page and through Venmo/CashApp – @GregGoneWild

If you do decide to donate, please know your contribution will be cherished, used wisely, sparingly, and with the utmost frugality.

Production expenses are strictly limited to:
Traveling expenses (gas mostly)
Emergency equipment fund (recorder/camera breaks)
Soundcloud/Domain registration

Divine Takes The Crown

One of my proudest moments of this episode is the official beginning of our Song of The Week segment where I highlight the music that drowns out the void (for me anyways)

In this episode, we paid credit where it was due and gave our rose to Divine- Love Reaction. The Blue Monday drums are addicting, the synthesizers are what initially get my blood pumping and it’s Divine’s raw vocals that take us into the disco anarchy that we never knew we needed. It is always the right time for Love Reaction.

This jam is also on Spotify- you’re welcome.

Divine is a Goddess, please look up more of her Disco music and consider checking out her amazing documentary on Netflix, I Am Divine. Not only was she a pop culture phenomenon, but she was an incredibly sweet and inspiring person. I’ll speak more about how big a role Divine played in my life in later episodes.

*References mentioned in the episode*

1. The Tea on Iran is that we tried to overthrow them in the 50’s AND maintain that hold until the 80’s where our puppet was overthrown through an Islamic Revolution (told you I consider myself a smart person)- hello attempted puppet state!

2. General Wesley Clark Video

Episode #2 – DNWDITW!

Thank you so much for your support and for listening! If you’d like to donate to the Fundraiser, please check it out and keep in mind that Venmo is more than welcome too!
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As always, show ideas/topics and general love are accepted in my Dms ❤️😘🖤

P.S. here’s that Flashmob vid I promised: